Warrior Class Overview (2024)

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Masters of combat, Warriors are a stapleof war since the beginning of time. Combining strength, leadership and a masteryof all weapons and armor, Warriors aim towreak havoc in combat. Arming themselves with sturdy shields or deadlyweapons, a Warrior must harness theirRage in order to inflict devastating attacks upontheir foes.


Introduction to Warrior

Warrior Class Overview (1)Warriors are a melee oriented class, having aunique resource system called Rage.Rage is generated through combat from bothdealing and taking damage. The more damage you deal or take, the moreRage you generate. Most of the abilitiesavailable to Warrior costRage to use, so always be mindful of how muchyou have available at all times.

In addition to Rage,Warrior also has a second unique mechanic,stances. Each of these stances offers a different buff and has a general,unique purpose. Mastering these stances and utilizing them properly is requiredto unlock the full potential of your Warrior.Warrior Class Overview (2) Battle Stance is mainly used while leveling, and by the Warrior Class Overview (3)Armsspecialization. Warrior Class Overview (4) Defensive Stance is almost exclusively used by Warrior Class Overview (5)ProtectionWarriors.Warrior Class Overview (6) Berserker Stance is the main stance used when speccing into theWarrior Class Overview (7)Fury talent tree. Regardless of the specialization you choose,you will want to know about all three of your stances and use them at theappropriate times.


Warrior Specializations

Warriors can fulfill either the damagedealing role, or the tanking role depending on which specialization you choose.Having the option to tank if needed can make it much easier to find groups, asthe tanking role is often in short supply. Warrior Class Overview (8)Warrior is able to choose from threespecializations: Warrior Class Overview (9)Arms, Warrior Class Overview (10)Fury, and Warrior Class Overview (11)Protection.

  • Warrior Class Overview (12) Arms —Seasoned experts of two-handed weapons, utilizing devastating attacks and intenseferocity to vanquish their adversaries.
  • Warrior Class Overview (13) Fury —Enraged berserkers brandish a weapon in each hand, unleashing a rapid onslaughtof strikes to dismantle their adversaries.
  • Warrior Class Overview (14) Protection— Resolute guardians who choose to arm themselves with a shield to defendtheir allies from harm.


What Specialization Should I Play?

Each specialization available to Warrioris unique and has its' own playstyle. Ultimately the spec that you find themost enjoyable to play will come down to your own personal playstyle; werecommend trying out each spec on your own to get a feel for them and see howmuch you enjoy them.

Warrior Class Overview (15)Arms is the primary spec in Cataclysm for both PvE and PvP content,focusing on dealing damage with 2-handed weapons. This spec has multipledifferent procs, giving it a very active playstyle that will keep you alwayswatchful and ready to act. In addition, this specializations playstyle revolvesaround small "burst windows", where you will have multiple, powerful abilitiesready to use back-to-back. This makes Warrior Class Overview (16)Arms especially deadly inPvP, as you can easily burst down your target by catching them off guard.

Arms Warrior Guide



Rather than using a single weapon, Warrior Class Overview (17)Fury chooses to wield aweapon in each hand. You can choose between Warrior Class Overview (18) Titan's Grip, which allowsyou to wield a 2-handed weapon in each hand, or Warrior Class Overview (19) Single-Minded Fury,which increases your damage dealt when wielding two 1-handed weapons instead.Warrior Class Overview (20)Fury has a very active playstyle, always having anability ready to use. Unfortunately, this spec does not start off strongand requires very high end-game gear to fully unlock its potential.

Fury Warrior Guide



Warrior Class Overview (21)Protection is the tank specialization, where you will focus on taking damageas your primary goal rather than dishing it out. Warrior Class Overview (22)Protection canbe classified as easy to learn, hard to master. This spec only has a few mainabilities in its rotation, but it also has multiple procs that require quickreactions to utilize. The nature of a tank also requires high awareness of thesituation at all times, as you will need to be ready to adapt to anything thecontent throws at you.


How Viable is Warrior in Cataclysm?

Warrior Class Overview (23)Warrior is very viable in Cataclysm.Warrior Class Overview (24)Arms is one of the strongest DPS classes in the game throughoutall phases. Warrior Class Overview (25)Fury is fairly weak starting out and only reallydoes well towards the end of the expansion in full end-game gear, but remainsa decent "middle ground" DPS option otherwise. Warrior Class Overview (26)Protection isstrong enough to clear all content in the game, but falls behind other tanks dueto a low number of defensive cooldowns, limited utility, and generally arelacking crucial stats until obtaining later raid gear.


Races For Warrior

Warriors are the only class in the gamethat can be played as any race, giving you a very wide selection of options tochoose from.


Alliance Races

  • Warrior Class Overview (27) Dwarves have a few notableracials. Warrior Class Overview (28) Mace Specialization grants 3 expertise skill when wearing amace. At level 85 it takes 30 expertise rating to equal 1 expertise skill, makingthis racial only worth 90 stats, being on the weaker side of racials. The mainappeal of this race is Warrior Class Overview (29) Stoneform which removes all poison, disease andbleeds when activated and reduces all damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds,making this an extremely powerful race for Warrior Class Overview (30)Protection.
  • Warrior Class Overview (31) Humans are weaker overall inCataclysm compared to previous expansions. They still haveWarrior Class Overview (32) Mace Specialization and Warrior Class Overview (33) Sword Specialization, giving 3expertise skill when wearing a mace or sword. As mentioned before, 3 expertiseis 90 expertise rating at level 85, making this a weaker racial at max levelwhen compared to others. Warrior Class Overview (34) Will to Survive remains as a PvP trinket andkeeps Humans as one of the best races overall for PvP gameplay.
  • Warrior Class Overview (35) Night Elves are the best racefor the Warrior Class Overview (36)Protection spec as they have Warrior Class Overview (37) Quickness,helping them reach the 102.4% easier and increasing your critical blockchance.
  • Warrior Class Overview (38) Worgens are one of the twonew races added in Cataclysm. Warrior Class Overview (39) Viciousness is the main racial offered,granting 1% crit chance. At level 85, 1% crit chance is 180 stats,making this the best racial for both Warrior Class Overview (40)Arms andWarrior Class Overview (41)Fury Warriors on Alliance.You will also get Warrior Class Overview (42) Darkflight, giving you a 2 minute movement speedcooldown.


Horde Races

  • Warrior Class Overview (43) Goblins are one of the two newraces added in during Cataclysm. Their main racials are Warrior Class Overview (44) Rocket Jump andWarrior Class Overview (45) Rocket Barrage. Both of these abilities share a cooldown and are on theglobal cooldown, which makes Rocket Barrage almost completely useless.Rocket Jump is a powerful movement cooldown that will come inhandy whenever a boss encounter has high movement mechanics.Goblins also have Warrior Class Overview (46) Time is Money,giving 1% attack speed, but this is a weak stat forWarriors. Warrior Class Overview (47)Protection has noreal best race for Horde, making Goblins a good choice for the additionalmovement ability from Rocket Jump.
  • Warrior Class Overview (48) Orcs remain the preferredchoice for Horde DPS Warriors. They offerWarrior Class Overview (49) Axe Specialization and Warrior Class Overview (50) Blood Fury;Axe Specialization gives 3 expertise skill, which is 90 stats at level85, making this a fairly weak stat value. Blood Fury gives 1169Attack Power at level 85 and can be used with other cooldowns. OverallOrc is the best option for maximizing DPS forboth Warrior Class Overview (51)Arms and Warrior Class Overview (52)FuryWarriors because of the Blood Furycooldown. Axe Specialization has minimal value as none of your best inslot weapons are Axes.
  • Warrior Class Overview (53) Taurens are technically thebest tank race for the Warrior Class Overview (54)Protection spec, as they offerWarrior Class Overview (55) Endurance, giving you 5% base health. Note thatthe base health is only the raw health that you gain from levels and does notscale with your gear at all, making this only about a 1% increase in totalhealth at maximum level in raiding gear. Warrior Class Overview (56) War Stomp is also a handy AoEstun that you can use when tanking trash in dungeons or raids.


Gearing and Stats

Warriors are able to wear Cloth, Leather,and Mail armor by default, and are able to wear Plate after reaching Level 40.While you can wear any armor, you will want to primarily focus on wearing Platearmor exclusively to take advantage of either Warrior Class Overview (57) Plate Specializationif you are specced as either Warrior Class Overview (58)Arms or Warrior Class Overview (59)Fury, orWarrior Class Overview (60) Plate Specialization if you are playing asWarrior Class Overview (61)Protection.

Warriors are able to equip all weapons inthe game aside from Wands. This allows many different weapon choices, such aschoosing a weapon that matches your specific racial bonuses, if you have any.In Cataclysm you will typically want to aim for the highest item level weaponwith Strength on it as this will usually be the highest DPS weapon you canget.

Both Warrior Class Overview (62)Arms and Warrior Class Overview (63)FuryWarriors desire the same stats, letting youmostly use the same gear if you are interested in playing both specs. Yourmain stat priority will be: Strength > Hit Rating (8%) >Expertise (26) > Critial Strike > Mastery. Followingthese stats will grant you the highest damage output possible and truly maximizeyour character.

Warrior Class Overview (64)Protection Warrior willwant to focus on tank stats exclusively, following a main stat priority of:Stamina = Mastery > Parry > Dodge.Threat is no longer an issue in Cataclysm as Warrior Class Overview (65) Defensive Stance has beenbuffed to increase all threat generated by 500%, making threat stats nolonger needed, letting you entirely focusing on defensive stats.

Arms Warrior Best-in-SlotFury Warrior Best-in-SlotProtection Warrior Best-in-Slot


Warrior Addons and Macros

Addons and Macros can greatly improve your quality of life during Cataclysm.Listed below are some of our recommendations on Addons and Macros to help getthe most out of your time playing the game.

Warrior MacrosWarrior Addons



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Warrior Class Overview (2024)


Warrior Class Overview? ›

Introduction to Warrior

Who were the warrior classes? ›

Elite Warriors in History
  • Hoplite. A hoplite (from ta hopla meaning tool or equipment) was the most common...
  • Persian Immortals. The Ten Thousand Immortals were the elite force of the Persian army...
  • Centurion. ...
  • Praetorian Guard. ...
  • Samurai. ...
  • Varangian Guard. ...
  • Ninja. ...
  • Medieval Knight.

What is the warrior class in WoW? ›

Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow.

What is the best race for warrior DPS? ›

Best Race for Alliance DPS Warriors. Human is the best Classic WoW Alliance DPS Warrior race for PvE. Gnome or Dwarf is the best Classic WoW Alliance DPS Warrior race For PvP.

What is the best race for warrior SoD? ›

Key Racial Benefits

Orc: Axe Specialization, Blood Fury for DPS. Troll: Berserking for haste, good for main tanking. Tauren: Endurance for increased health, War Stomp for AoE stun. In summary, your best Warrior race in WoW SoD is either Humans or Orcs due to their weapon skill passives and other racial benefits.

Who are the warrior class? ›

The nobles were divided into those who inherited their titles and those upon whom titles were bestowed for lifetime only. The warrior class was basically hereditary, but other men demonstrating greatness in war could become members, thereby establishing new hereditary lines.…

Would a samurai beat a knight? ›

Both groups were skilled warriors who had their unique weapons, armor, and tactics. It would be impossible to definitively determine who would win in a hypothetical clash between medieval knights and Japanese samurai due to the significant differences in time and place that separated the two cultures.

What class turns into warrior? ›

In order to become a Warrior, characters must have a level 30 Marauder and a level 15 Gladiator.

What are the characteristics of warrior class? ›

Warrior character's skills are centered around strength and physical combat with a wide variety of melee weapons, and the ability to survive while tanking for the group, usually at the cost of agility or range. To aid in this, they can potentially use of some of the most powerful armor and weaponry in the game.

What is the hardest class to play in WoW? ›

Hunters are the hardest class to play in the game in raids. A hunter has to manage their ranged abilities, melee weave, and manage their pet. They have to deal with both melee and ranged mechanics in boss fights. And, all this while having to manage mana like other classes.

What race is best for warriors? ›

Best Alliance Races for Fury Warrior
  • Gnome.
  • Night elf.
  • Human.
  • Dwarf / Dark Iron Dwarf.

What is the best level spec for warrior? ›

Play Fury or Arms for leveling: There are only two specs for leveling, and both use two-handed weapons for damage. While leveling, I recommend playing as Arms, as both damage dealt and taken are more consistent. I play Arms whenever I level due to an extra layer of danger that Fury adds to the equation.

What is the best alliance for warriors in WoW? ›

Best Alliance Races for Arms Warrior
  • Gnome.
  • Night elf.
  • Human.
  • Dwarf / Dark Iron Dwarf.

Which horde race is best for warrior? ›

This being the case, the orcs have got some of the best lore in the game and some of the best looks for warrior-class characters as well.

Can warriors use Daggers SoD? ›

Hunters, Rogues, Warlocks, and Warriors all start with the ability to use daggers.

What is the best race for warrior PvP? ›

Gnome or Dwarf is the best Classic WoW Alliance DPS Warrior race for PvP. Alliance Warrior have the benefit of Raiding with a Paladin, which provide powerful utility spells such as Blessing of Freedom.

Who was in the warrior class? ›

The Warrior Class is a 2007 American legal thriller film written and directed by Alan Hruska. It stars Anson Mount, Erica Leerhsen, Robert Vaughn, Jake Weber, Jamey Sheridan, and Dan Hedaya.

What class were the warriors? ›

Merchants The warriors, also known as the samurai, were at the top of the social hierarchy. They were the military class and held significant power and privileges. Next came the peasants, who made up the largest portion of the population.

Who were the warrior society? ›

In all of these situations, warrior societies are groups of young indigenous people who both embrace the complex responsibilities of a traditional warrior and the requirements of defending their people and land against imminent and violent threats.

What was the warrior class in ancient China? ›

Ancient Warrior class

During the ancient Shang (1600–1046 BC) and Early Zhou dynasties (1046–771 BC), the shi were regarded as a knightly social order of low-level aristocratic lineage compared to dukes and marquises.

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