BCBS Alpha Prefix List 2024 -BCBS Prefix Lookup by State (2024)

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If you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance (BCBS) member, you have probably seen a series of letters that updated on your back of member ID card. These letters are BCBS Prefixes and it is essential for your BCBS health insurance plan. BCBS Alpha Prefix List help to identify the program you are enrolled in and the geographic region where your plan is based on. In this article we discussed about BCBS Alpha Prefix Lookup 2024 and importance of BCBS prefixes.

BCBS Alpha Prefix List 2024


BCBS Alpha Numeric Prefix List

A2A to A9ZB2A to B9ZC2A to C9ZD2A to D9Z
E2A to E9ZF2A to F9ZG2A to G9ZH2A to H9Z
I2A to I9ZJ2A to J9ZK2A to K9ZL2A to L9Z
M2A to M9ZN2A to N9ZO2A to O9ZP2A to P9Z
Q2A to Q9ZR2A to R9ZS2A to S9ZT2A to T9Z
U2A to U9ZV2A to V9ZW2A to W9ZX2A to X9Z
Y2A to Y9ZZ2A to Z9Z

In this article, we will explore the updated BCBS prefix list 2024 list, how it work?, and why this is important, also updated blue cross alpha prefix lookup by state as well. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about BCBS Prefixes to help you better understand your insurance plan.

What is an Alpha Prefix in BCBS Insurance?

Every Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan starts with an Alpha Prefix so they are called in medical terms BCBS Alpha Prefix. Alpha Prefix means plan id starts with three alphabets like ABC, XYZ, etc.

The first two alphabets of the BCBS prefix denote the plan and the third alphabet prefix denotes the type of product the insured choose for coverage.

Example: BCBS Prefix “ZGP” (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas – it is a PPO Product)

  • 1st Character “Z” Plan Specific
  • 2nd Character “G” Plan Specific (letter assigned to the BCBS Plan)
  • 3rd Character “P” PPO Product (letter assigned by the BCBS Plan to identify product type elected by the member)

BSBS insurance has unique prefixes and follows up a unique ID number. It comes up with the facilities such as dental, vision and other health issues. The BCBS prefixes include filling up the claims of the insurance details.

BCBS Alpha Prefix List 2024 -BCBS Prefix Lookup by State (2)

BCBS Alpha prefix list and BCBS Alpha numeric prefix list are very important to submit claims to BCBS insurance. If you are using electronic submission then prefix is important to submit claims successfully and received by insurance correctly.

The alpha prefix helps to ensure that your claim is processed correctly and that you receive the benefits you are entitled to under your plan.

BCBS Alpha Prefix List 2024 -BCBS Prefix Lookup by State (3)

Understanding your BCBS prefix directory can help you better understand your insurance plan and its benefits. It can also help you choose healthcare providers who participate in your plan’s network and offer you the best care at the lowest cost.

Blue Cross Blue Shield customer service?

For Blue Cross Blue Shield customer services please refer to the contact number on backside of the insurance card or visit below article for BCBS contact numbers state wise

BCBS Provider Phone Number and Claim Address

Also Read : BCBS Claim Status on IVR
Please Save : BCBS Prefix List 2024 Pdf
Also Read : Insurance Claim Address (A to Z)

Note- All information is collected from authorized sources of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance but we do not have BCBS Prefix list 2024 pdf available right now, if found , we will share it here sure.

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BCBS Alpha Prefix List 2024 -BCBS Prefix Lookup by State (2024)


What is the alpha prefix for BCBS of Texas? ›

The alpha prefix will identify the patient's BCBS Plan (for example: ZGP for Texas), the National Account to which the member belongs (for example: HBT for Halliburton) or the patient's international BCBS Plan (for example: ZZC for Italy).

What is the alpha prefix for BCBS RI? ›

The alpha prefix on your ID card will change from "RIS" to "R2I", but your BCBSRI ID number will remain the same as when you were enrolled as an active employee. If you need any assistance with your BCBSRI ID card, please call the BCBSRI State of Rhode Island Employee CARE Center at (401) 429-2104 or 1-866-987-3705.

What is the alpha prefix for BCBS New Mexico? ›

Insurance Identifier Lookup YAA – YZZ
PrefixPlan Name
YIYBCBS of New Mexico
YIZBCBS of New Mexico
YJABCBS of Western New York
YJBBCBS of Western New York
242 more rows
Aug 12, 2020

Is BCBS of Texas the same as BCBS of Illinois? ›

About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

BCBSTX is a Division of Health Care Service Corporation (which operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in Texas, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma and New Mexico), the country's largest customer-owned health insurer and fourth largest health insurer overall.

What is the prefix for BCBS of Arizona? ›

PrefixPlan Name
Z4MBlue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Z4PBlue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Z6AEmpire Blue Cross Blue Shield
Z8AAnthem Blue Cross of California
242 more rows
Sep 24, 2020

How do I credential with BCBS of Texas? ›

Expediated Credentialing Process
  1. A valid BCBSTX Provider Record ID for claim payment.
  2. Submitted a current signed BCBSTX contract/agreement.
  3. Completes the CAQH ProView database online application with "global" or "plan specific" authorization to BCBSTX (or if applicable, submits a completed TDI application)

What is the prefix for BCBS of Massachusetts? ›

Insurance Identifier Lookup MAA – MZZ
PrefixPlan Name
MCXBCBS of Massachusetts
MCYHighmark BCBS
MCZAnthem BCBS of Ohio
MDABCBS of Michigan
243 more rows
Aug 6, 2020

What is the alpha prefix for Highmark West Virginia? ›

The alpha prefix for HHIC members are HKP, HQM and ZPM. If the enrollment source Plan Code on the member's identification card is 363 or 378, the member is a Highmark member and the West Virginia provider should bill MSBCBS under NAIC code 54828.

What is the abbreviation for BCBS Michigan? ›

Our Company: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan | BCBSM.

What is the prefix for Horizon BCBS of New Jersey? ›

PrefixPlan Name
NBYBCBS of Massachusetts
NBZHorizon BCBS of New Jersey
NCABCBS of Tennessee
NCBBCBS of Illinois
243 more rows
Aug 29, 2020

What is the prefix for Anthem BCBS NY? ›

Member ID prefixes are BAW, BGW, CFT, XNU, YXE. PPO/EPO offers our broadest in-network coverage providing greater access to high- quality care for New Yorkers. Member ID prefixes are KIH, NIW, VQA, ZVF, ZYL.

What is the prefix for FEP BCBS? ›

Insurance Identifiers FAA to FZZ
PrefixPlan Name
FEPUnassigned Prefix
FEQCarefirst BCBS of Maryland
FERHighmark BCBS
FESHighmark BCBS
242 more rows
Feb 3, 2015

Is Anthem BCBS the same as BCBS of Illinois? ›

Anthem is a separate company with which BCBSIL works to administer certain aspects of your health care plan with us when you receive health care services in one of the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, or ...

What is the prefix for BCBS of Michigan? ›

PrefixPlan Name
OBEBlue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
OBFHighmark BCBS of Pennsylvania
OBGBCBS of Tennessee
243 more rows
Aug 3, 2020

What is the local BCBS for New York? ›

Insurance: Anthem BCBS (formerly known as Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield [BCBS]) - NYC Health + Hospitals.

What is the abbreviation for Blue Cross Blue Shield? ›

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a national association of 33 independent, community-based and locally operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

What is an alpha prefix? ›

alpha prefix. The three characters preceding the subscriber identification number on BCBS member ID cards.

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield called in Texas? ›

BCBSTX Health Insurance in Texas. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

What is the payer ID for BCBS in Texas? ›

All claims should be submitted electronically. The Electronic Payor ID for BCBSTX is 84980.

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