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Chipmunks are adorable and cuddly forest creatures that seem like they may come right inside and assist you with the cleaning, like in a kids’ cartoon. Unfortunately, it’s more probable that they’ll dig up your backyard or cause structural damage to your house or shed.

Chipmunk 101

They are omnivorous, and eat mostly seeds, fruits, nuts, and buds, but their diets may also include berries, insects, small birds’ eggs and smaller frogs. Frequently they dig burrows under the ground, which may occasionally be unfortunately near our important structures.

Chipmunks might not be the worst pest you have to deal with, but they can make a significant nuisance of themselves. Gardeners mays discover that their crops are being consumed entirely by these little men, who’ll bite on many vegetables if they’re accessible and dig up the surrounding region. The actual problem, however, occurs when they choose to burrow up alongside our pools, porches, decks, or other structures which we actually have to have a good foundation in the ground.

However, the harm that they can cause occasionally will be. By moving around dirt to form their underground chambers, they could be creating a very dangerous situation by making the floor your pool or your deck stays on very unstable. This could certainly wind up harming someone if you’re not conscious of the problem.

Though there aren’t many diseases that chipmunks may carry, including a couple of rare viruses and bacteria, they won’t spread these to you straight. The way in which they are spread is through a bite from an infected mosquito or tick which has bitten them. Having said that, you might have a slightly higher likelihood of contracting California Serogroup Viruses with a enormous chipmunk population, but this may also depend on where you live, the time of year, and that type of thing.

RemovalĀ opossum poop pictures

To be able to safeguard the structural integrity of your house and property, or when the backyard destruction is driving you mad, you may wish to discover a way to eliminate them. If you’re not already a professional wildlife removal group, this may mean calling you. They’ll make certain to eliminate the problem creature in the safest, most effective way possible. They may also have the ability to supply you with deterrents to keep possible future chipmunk problems from your lawn.