Why do dogs and cats hate each other?

Why do dogs and cats hate each other?

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By seeing this 1 question will be definitely sprouting in your mind as why these terrific animals hate each other. There’s an intense rivalry between the dogs and cats. They’re always seen as animals that despise each other. Actually this is true whenever the cats see the puppies around they get wild and need to attack them.

Due to this social anomaly the cat and dog will often misinterpret at the start, even if both has a friendly intentions initially.

There also appears to trouble with the wagging tails of both those creatures. The wagging of tails may mean various things to both of these. To the puppy the wagging of tail signifies happiness whereas to some cat it means displeasure and anger. After the cat rushes to kitty, she can misunderstood and interpret as hostility. Likewise, once the dogs see the cats wagging tail, they may interpret as a sign of friendliness, where actually the cats are dreading them.

The genetic difference between these two fierce rivals can also be one reason for their disliking. Cats, on the other hand, are predators by nature and they also often exhibit menacing behaviors involving the dogs nearly double to their dimension. Additionally the cats will also attempt to shield themselves and all this contributes to the start of rivalry.

If a dog with a favorable intention attempts to sniff the cat and the cat unfamiliar with the friendly approach attacks the dog. This aggressive behaviour of these cats alters the attitudes of their dogs towards the cats to a place where the dog may seem to despise the cats.

The popular notion that dogs and cats can’t get together is truly fallacious. In actuality, they could live peacefully together. This may be accomplished after the owners understand the behaviour of each animal. Teaching dogs and cats to get along with each other is a bit tough task, but it’s possible.

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