What is an Amoeba?

What is an Amoeba?

Amoeba Animal Black Cell Creature InvertebAn amoeba (also spelled amoeba) is a very small animal. It’s so small it can be viewed only through a microscope. Should you choose a drop of water from a river, swamp, or pond, and look at it through a microscope, you will see several odd shapes that seem like splotches of clear jelly with a few dark dots within them. When an amoeba wishes to move, it pushes a portion of its body forward like a lengthy foot and the rest of it flows into this foot.

Then it does the exact same thing all over again and in this way it can move in any way. Scientists call the foot the amoeba pushes out a pseudo-pod (meaning”false foot”) since it’s not actually a foot. When it finds a small bit of food it pushes out pseudo-pods on each side of the food. These gradually close around it until it’s totally surrounded. The food is then drawn within the amoeba’s body, where it’s kept in a tiny pocket, known as a food vacuole, until it’s digested.

The waste material that remains after the food is digested is stored in another small pocket or vacuole. The amoeba has a dark place inside its own jelly called a nucleus that helps it grow and create different amoebas. There are no male or female amoebas, and it does web lay eggs such as birds and insects or make young from a mother creature. Most plants and animals are composed of millions of little components called cells, which could only be observed under a microscope.

Human beings are also composed of millions of cells. An amoeba has just 1 cell. There are lots of one-celled animals aside from the amoeba. But, amoeba cells are different from those of plants, New York City Animal Removal,  human beings, or the bigger animals such as cows, horses, and dogs.

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