How much food does a dog need?

How much food does a dog need?

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For the dog owner however this may cause several issues, especially when a dog is obese. Understanding how much dog food to give to your dog needs to be a case of following the instructions on the packet although as every dog is different, it’s important to comprehend the factors that ought to be contained in your feeding regime.

It’s usually agreed that a puppy should be given a weight of dog food daily that’s around 2-3percent of the bodyweight, understandably consuming a Chihuahua 700g of meals daily is improper, whereas this might be a fair amount for a St Bernard or Great Dane. This simplistic equation is not without its faults however, the quantity of dog food that’s required can be both based upon the dog’s age and lifestyle.

Puppies as growing dogs need more meals per cent compared to adults, typically around 4-6% of the weight but this should be spread over 3-4 sittings. Adults on the other hand normally require two feeding times every day and less as they get old.

Another factor affecting how much to feed your pet is its way of life, an active dog such as will burn more calories over the distance of a day than a puppy that’s predominantly sedentary. In the vast majority of instances dogs are given a lot of food and not exercised enough so it can be sensible to err on the side of caution and feed them .

Bear in mind that dogs won’t only get their energy from the food they get at meal times.

The decision of how much to feed your pet shouldn’t necessarily follow the on packet guidelines and by knowing the kinds of factors that influence the weight of your pet it’s possible to make adjustments to the quantity of food you give them. Should you begin to worry that your pet is over or underweight however, the best advice would be to pay a visit to the vet who will weigh your pet, take into consideration its breed, age and lifestyle as a way to give more precise information on the quantity of food they should be given.

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